1. What is the best language/framework?

It all depends on the features and functionalities required for the application. We are always aware of new developments. We offer you guidance in choosing the technology that best meets your needs.

2. Will the application you develop work on Android or iOS?

On both! The apps we develop are designed to work on both Android and iOS devices. We use features inherent to each system to make sure they run as smoothly as possible.

3. What is a Cloud System, and how does it work?

A cloud system is software running its services and features through the traffic and manipulation of data over the internet. Unlike virtualization, the cloud works with replicating your system on several different servers, allowing a more stable connection and is not offline at almost any time.

4. I don't currently have a website. How do I create one?

First, you must register a domain name. For example, ” YourCompanyName.com.br” or something similar. After registration, you need a hosting service to store and make your site’s content available. If you have the knowledge, you can develop this content yourself or a trusted professional.

5. My site looks strange when I open it on a smartphone. What should I do?

This is likely because your site is not responsive! Every website we develop is responsive, meaning that it adapts its images, texts, etc., to the size of the screen it is being displayed on, like mobile phones and tablets, while keeping all the information legible and organized.

6. Can I add features to my ERP system?

In most cases, yes! You can develop custom systems and integrate them with your ERP to provide the extra resources you need to manage your business.

7. How does an e-store work?

Purchases are made just like in a physical store. Your customer enters your store, finds the catalog with all your products, and can search for the exact product he is looking for. When they find what they want, they add it to their cart and proceed with the purchase, paying by credit card or bank payment slip. After the payment confirmation, you receive a notification and can now ship the product to the customer with the option of product tracking.

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